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What is Sweep and how do I join?

Sweep is a brand new shopping and deal-finding app which helps users find deals and special offers that matter to them. By uploading a deal to Sweep, other users can like, comment and share the best offers to help each other find deals which ar...

Is Sweep free?

Sweep is completely free to join and use for its users.

Who can join Sweep?

Sweep is designed for everyone, but is available to people aged 13 years and over. Users under the age of 13 years may use Sweep with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

What is a 'beta' period?

During the early release window our team will be iteratively testing functionality and design to ensure Sweep provides the best experience possible for our users. Sweep will be updated regularly, so keep checking back to see what new features h...

Can my device use the Augmented Reality (AR) features?

Your device must support AR Kit. An up-to-date list of iOS devices with AR Kit support is available at the bottom of this page (

How do I upload a deal I have seen?

During Sweep’s early beta phase, submissions will be restricted to our in-house deal curators. Users can still like and comment on any deals. Users will be able to post deals very shortly!

Why can’t people see my deal?

Deals submitted to Sweep are effectively rated by the community. If your deal isn’t being seen, it’s most likely because more popular deals are more visible. The more likes a post gets, the more likely it is to be seen by others. Scroll down to ...

How do I contact Sweep if I am a merchant or represent a business?

For merchant enquiries, please click here ( or contact

What information does Sweep collect?

You can click here ( to read Sweep's privacy policy.

How do I remove my deal?

Once submitted, a deal can only be removed by a moderator. Please click the report button underneath your deal with an explanation and a moderator will review your message. Please note that in the interest of the wider user base, published deals m...

Can I edit my post or comment?

Yes, however comments can only be edited before any direct replies are made.

How do I save a deal?

You can save a deal by pressing the bookmark icon on the top-right of each deal. To view your saved deals, press the 'saved' icon from any screen.

What things can't I post?

Duplicate deals Personal attacks Joke posts Products you are selling personally without explicit disclosure Illegal or inappropriate content, or links to such content