10 Tips for a Popular Deal

  1.  The product or category (if more applicable) must be stated in the title

  2.  The price of the product must be stated in the title. This is only exempt for flat savings across a store or category.

  3.  State the location in the title if the deal is specific to a certain area (e.g. “Surry Hills”, “NSW”, etc.). Put this at the start of the title to make titles easier to digest.

  4.  If a store services customers in-store as well as online, stipulate which one the deal applies to (if not both).

  5.  If shipping is required, state either the flat cost, the range, or an approximation if there is little variation between locations. In all other cases where free shipping is not included, “plus/+ shipping” must be stated alongside the price.

  6.  For the sake of the community, state in the description any extra clauses, or terms and conditions that could impact a purchase.

  7.  Add a personal touch to your descriptions. State why this deal is good, what drove you to purchase, why the community should hear about it. Not only will this make your deal feel more personable, it could gain you additional followers.

  8.  Deals must be specific to a product, store or category, whichever is most specific. For 2 different products, 2 different deals should be submitted. If the deal covers one category, only one deal is necessary. Note that category-based deal submissions can include highlights of 1 product in the title, or more in the description.

  9.  For extra kudos, state the cheapest price this item has been in the past.

  10.  A link or photo is always required, but both are inherently useful for other users to view your deal and make a purchase. A photo should clearly show the product and/or price, and the URL should link directly to the page of which the deal is titled.